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All things Artemia

Artemia is a small aquatic crustacean found in saline lakes. With over twenty years of experience, Nutricode International harvests its nutrition-rich artemia cysts with a high hatching rate worldwide. Based on rigorous quality control standards and harvest experience, Nutricode has become a major Artemia Cysts supplier to the shrimp harvest companies in South East Asia. Artemia’s uniqueness lies in its ability to form dormant embryos called ‘cysts.’ Considered a robust survivor, the Artemia cysts remain in hibernation during the frigid winter months and can withstand extreme temperatures, high pressures, and entirely drying out.

The unique properties of the Artemia cyst account for it being considered one of the most convenient, reliable, and nutritious larval food sources to be found. In addition, as an aquaculture live food source, Artemia cysts are one of the most suitable, easy to hatch, and least labor-intensive available.

Artemia is a live food source that is readily available, easy to use, and cost-effective. In addition, the Artemia is capable of producing dormant eggs, and the cysts may be stored for an indefinite period, then hatched as needed for a ready supply of nutrition-rich, live feed.

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