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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

ETAlinkus, associated with Trident Treats, is starting an educational summer program for kids. Not only do we sell fish food and fish tank decorations, we also produce kid-friendly content that we base our community around. We want to give all kids this opportunity to join us for this wonderful experience.

This summer, we are offering an 8-week course with one session per week for K-6th grade. Sessions are led by a credentialed teacher and her enthusiastic T.A. Each class consists of two main elements, a lesson then a project. The first is featuring fun aquatic related subjects such as the Great Barrier Reef or Wacky Sea Creatures. We make videos and presentations to educate children on a topic. This includes giving them access to a weekly word bank to expand their vocabulary. From there, children are given opportunities to express themselves through art and writing. Because we want to promote self-expression, kids are encouraged to use their imaginations and creativity. Writing projects will include the basics of story structure. The kids are given the freedom to write on their own with their newly enhanced knowledge of the ocean and story telling. The Trident Treats community includes an area where kids can share and enjoy each other's work for free.

Every week we will introduce some vocabulary flashcards that are related to the week’s theme. There will be either a video or song about the topic. We create videos and lessons for each week to enhance our lesson plans. After a discussion on the cool facts about the theme we will launch into a project. Kids can share their project on our website blog that is administered by our staff.

At the end of every week we post a class recap video. This includes the video of the course instructors presentation and project details.

Finally, children’s online safety is a high priority for us, so we carefully monitor and control the site at all times. On July 1st we will launch our first session and welcome all who are interested. If this is something the parents in your school district would like to have their children involved in, please contact us for more details.

To sign up go to

How to sign in

Week one - Reef

  • Introduction about us and the session and what the reef is.

  • Coral reef (video)

  • introduce some flashcards related with the vocabulary about reef

  • Project

  • Shoe Box Aquarium like a reef

  • End with how to log in / sign up video

Week two - Wacky Sea creatures,

  • Quick run thru of the community and what was shared

  • Video (Seahorse, Octopus, Squid)

  • Projects

  • Torn paper collage

  • Paper fish

Week Three - Mythology

Week Four - Ships

  • The long history of ships

  • Galleons

  • Pirates!

  • Cruises

  • Titanic

  • Battleships

  • Project

  • Can it float?

  • Make a boat and fill up a bowl

  • See what objects will float your boat

Week Five - Cute Animals of the deep blue

  • Dolphins, otters, seals...


  • Project

  • Draw a portrait of your favorite sea creature

  • Make a 3-D model of your favorite sea creature

  • For example, play-dough, Legos, empty toilet paper rolls, paper plates, etc.

Week Six - Shark Week

Week seven Turtles

Week Eight - Party

  • A giant show and tell of our favorite projects, videos and lessons

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